• Speak freely. Now you have impenetrable privacy, safety and security. Nobody will mine your information, drop in uninvited or take a sneak peek at your business. zeldaB’s break ground technology was perfected on clients who depend on privacy for a living—like government workers, police, detectives and lawyers. This worked so well we decided it was time for the public, to go private. [more]

  • Parents without worry. Controls that not even your child genius can outsmart. Parents control who their children communicate with and can remove friends. Invitations, profile changes, and groups must be approved by a parent. [more]

  • Keep it between friends. Gather as many separate groups of people as your heart desires. One group can’t access another, unless you give the go-ahead. [more]

  • Take backs. Recall or un-send anything you sent out.

  • More privacy? Get a non-published listing so the only way to contact you is to know the secret code. More privacy? Change the code.

  • Get personal. Unlike other sites where you can feel the world watching, zeldaB is intimate, graphically clean and easy to use. You can personalize your site with color, design, music/sounds, videos and other features for each friend. [more]

  • Chat it up. Of course, you also have a Blog and Notebook that you can set up for all your contacts, or by invite only. [more]

  • Security blanket. We’ll verify each member for added safekeeping. Just fill out contact info for friends and zeldaB will ask them to join you.

  • What account? If you ever decide to close your account, you can zap everything (and that means everything) you posted. Every post, message, file shared—like they never existed.

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