We built zeldaB with the idea that your online privacy and security is our #1 concern.
  • We do not share your information with anyone.
  • We do not track what you do or where you go.
  • We do not "mine" your information.
By signing up with an account for zeldaB you agree to our Privacy Policy. If we make any changes to our Privacy Policy we will notify you at least 30 days in advance, so you can decide if you’re cool with the changes. If not, just let us know and we’ll cancel your account immediately. As always, if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, call or email.

1) Information we collect
First, rest assured that we will protect your information and privacy as if it’s our own.

When you sign-up for a zeldaB account you provide us with information. We only use that information for the purposes of verifying you.

You provide us with a credit card number in the verification process. We do save your credit card information. However, it’s encrypted using the highest encryption standards.

We do not store your personal information in cookies. Instead, when you login to zeldaB we assign your browser what’s known as a “session ID”. A session ID is something our programming uses in order to know which data belongs to which user. This session ID only remains active when you are on the site. As soon as you leave the site the session ID is destroyed. Because of the steps we take to protect your privacy and security, you must login each time you leave and enter the site.

When you setup a zeldaB account you provide details, friends, and data. We don’t collect any information about your account, nor do we track in any way what you do while on zeldaB.

2) Profile settings and account settings
By default, your zeldaB Profile is completely private. You can choose to change this, make data in your Profile public – but you have to do so on your own. Whatever you make public in your Profile is searchable by any zeldaB member. Searches can only be done while logged in, by zeldaB members.

At zeldaB you have complete control over what information or data you make available to other zeldaB members. Once you make any information available to another member on zeldaB, we cannot control what that member does with it. Nothing on zeldaB can be cached by a search engine such as Google. We recommend you only share information with those you trust.

3) Security measures we take while you’re logged in
When you insert a link to a web site in a message to another zeldaB member, we have certain procedures to check and be sure the link is legitimate and not a risk. We do so to protect you from viruses or to protect you from clicking on link that could cause you harm. We do the same operation when you receive a link in a message from another zeldaB member. No other information in your message is scanned nor do we save any details. If we find that the link is suspicious, we will modify and note the link.

We will continue to take steps to protect your privacy and your security while on zeldaB. As we implement new procedures to protect your privacy and security we will notify you. At this time we cannot guarantee that you would have the option of not accepting any new measure we take here. However, we do guarantee that any measure we take would only be to protect you; not, to monitor or track your activity in any way, shape, or form.

4) Improper use of information or suspicious activity
If you notice any improper use of information or something that’s suspicious to you while on zeldaB, please call or email us immediately.

5) Account information
We don’t share your information with anyone for any reason. We don’t make your information available to anyone for any reason. Your information is yours and yours only. We will never allow anyone else but a zeldaB member to search for another zeldaB member. We will never allow searches unless logged in. We will never allow a search engine access to your information.

We will contact you from time to time to let you know about new services or features we’ve made available. If for any reason you don’t want to be notified of new features you can opt out at any time. We don’t allow any type of advertising. We don’t monitor your account in any way. But, if we’re made aware of any activity on your part that breaks any rule or policy of ours, could cause us or others harm or damages, or we feel is not cool, we will look at your information as part of our investigation. We will notify you what we looked at, why, and when.

7) Legal requirements
If we’re ordered by law or court order to provide your account information, we will cooperate – but only as a last resort. In such a situation we will notify you that we’re doing so, if legally possible.

8) Third party applications
We do not allow third party applications on zeldaB. Instead, if there’s a feature or service you’d like to see on zeldaB, just let us know.

9) Third party service providers
We use a third party to host our equipment and to provide our network. We may also use third parties as contractors. No third party will ever have any access to any of your account information, or what you do while on zeldaB.

10) Account cancellations
Our goal is that zeldaB will be with you and yours for years. But you may cancel your account at any time.

When you cancel your account we don’t purge your information for 30 days, in case you change your mind. On day 31 however, any and all of your information is destroyed, including personal messages and communications sent to others on zeldaB.

12) How to contact us
You may call or email any time.
Our phone number is 866.420.8000
Our email is info@zeldab.com

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